I’m Derek Rodriguez, I’m a researcher and graduate student in Computer Engineering. I currently work in a computer architecture lab where I focus on the intersection of hardware performance and security. Over the course of my research, I’ve also done a lot of work with natural language processing, computer vision, bayesian inference, and a little MLOps. I really like sharing the projects I work on, so I’ve made this place on the Internet to do just that.

When I’m not working, I’m working on making video games, iOS apps, or just riding my longboard around town. Feel free to shoot me an email at the address if you’ve got a cool project that fits my skillset, I like talking shop.

Once I get my writing into a more regular pattern, I’ll set up a mailing list and/or an RSS feed to keep people in the loop. For now, I’ve got much more to learn than I have to share.

I love getting email from real people who have real feedback about what I say and what I make. In an effort to minimize plugging my own stuff on social media, go ahead and send me an email if you didn’t find this blog via Reddit/HN/Lobsters/Slashdot.